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Frequently Asked Questions

What does P.S stand for?

​​P.S stands for 'Pet Sensitive'. But we decided to use 'P.S.' since it would be easier to remember.

What are the typical symptoms of dogs with pet food sensitivities?


There are two main symptoms: 


1) SKIN Itching/Biting - Excessive skin itching/biting, foul smelling skin, hair loss, bleeding from skin.

2) PAW Licking/Biting - Constant paw licking and biting, frequent ear infections, paw fur turning pink


We recommended that you consult your veterinarian first because their are many medical conditions that cause similar symptoms. 


When should I consider giving my pet P.S?


P.S. is perfect for dog owners who are looking for a natural solution to their dogs pet food sensitivities. P.S is a natural and complete dog food minus common pet food allergy triggers. Parents who are tired of giving their pets pills, shots, and prescription pet food should give P.S. a try.

Will using P.S. help my dog's symptoms?


MAYBE.  Over the years, Mike (the founder) has encountered hundreds of dogs in his store with different pet food sensitivities: protein, carbohydrate, vegetable, grains, fruits and etc. His food is formulated to be a complete dog food while eliminating common pet food allergy triggers. He is pretty confident that your dogs symptoms should get better over the course of a week or two of being on P.S.


Why is P.S. good for dogs that have food sensitivities?


Mike, the founder, has seen it all when it comes to dogs suffering from pet food sensitives. He has taken his years of knowledge behind the pet store counter, and has formulated a complete dog food that eliminates common pet food allergy triggers. Pet parents need to understand that the only way to solve these problems is from the inside out. The cause of most pet food sensitives is that pet parents (and most vets) do not know what the most common pet food triggers are. We have eliminated the guess work by creating P.S., a complete pet food minus common allergy triggers. What's left is a very high quality complete dog food that mimics the diet of your pets ancestors in the wild.


How long will it take to see results?

Once your dog is fully transitioned to P.S., you should see positive results within 7-10 days. 


How long will the food stay fresh once opened?.

Once opened, the dog food should stay fresh for a month or two if stored in a cool air tight container. 

Why does your food cost more than regular dog food?

Simply, you get what your pay for. There are no by-products, fillers and carbohydrates. The food is made up of 90% high quality meat and organs from farms that breed human consumption quality cattle and poultry. On other hand, most dog food sold in US is kibble. When you look in the back of most pet food bags, they contain alot of other ingredients, some bad and some good. As a result, most kibble contain other cost saving ingredients, so meat is only a small component of most pet food sold. Meat is just more expensive per pound compared to other dog food ingredients.


P.S was created for one goal: to help dogs suffering from pet food sensitivities, naturally. As a result, we eliminate all the cost saving ingredients like rice, grains, fruits and vegetables, corn, soy and etc to create a recipe that is free of common pet allergy triggers.


Is your dog food better in quality compared to other similar pet foods? Why?

Yes! There are 4 different classes of pet food available today. From highest to lowest nutritional value:


Raw, Air-Dried, Freeze-Dried/Dehydrated and Extruded Kibble.


Most pet food sold in the US today is extruded kibble. Its easy to store and serve. However, the more processed a food is, the less nutritious it becomes. P.S is a gently air-dried dog food (which is second on the list). Raw is excellent, but is requires defrosting and washing bowls on a daily basis. We feel air-dried is the next best thing in terms of ease of use and nutrition. 


All pet sensitive pet food sold today comes in kibble form (especially from the vet).  Therefore, P.S is in another class by itself. If you would like to learn more about the different types of pet food, we encourage you to visit your local independent pet store that specializes in pet nutrition.

Can I feed this food to puppies and senior dogs?

Yes, P.S. is an all life stage food. That means that puppies, adult and senior dogs can eat it.


Can other dogs that don't have food sensitivities eat this food?

Yes, dogs that are not suffering from pet food sensitives can eat this food. P.S. is a dog food created to mimic the diet of their ancestors in the wild. It is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages.


Is this made in the USA?

Our lamb recipe is produced in New Zealand. Some of our new recipes will be produced in the United States. We are adamant of not sourcing ingredients from China.


How should I transition my dog to eating P.S?

Dogs should be transitioned to P.S over the course of a week with their old food. With each day, you should increase the proportion of P.S while reducing the amount of old food. By the end of the transition period, your dog should be fully transitioned onto P.S. 


Can I feed my dogs treats while eating P.S?

We do not recommend giving your pet anything expect P.S and fresh water during the first couple of weeks of introducing P.S. When you purchase P.S, you will receive a detailed instruction guide by email of do's and don'ts during your pets food trial.


Are high protein diets bad for dogs?

No, if you pet is healthy. However, for certain medical conditions, a high protein pet diet is not recommended. Please seek advice from your veterinarian for more information.

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