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A few years ago, I opened a small boutique pet store in Los Angeles with a goal to provide the best pet food available at affordables prices. Today, I feel that I have accomplished that goal. 


However, during the journey, I began to meet dogs with similar symptoms: constant scratching and/or paw licking. At first, I thought it was a flea problem. However, I soon realized that is was something else:

an allergic reaction.


Often, our customers visited their veterinarian about the problem. Their pets would be given shots, pills, special tests and prescription pet food. Whenever the owner stopped giving medication, the symptoms would come right back. I realized that the medications were only masking the problem and not solving it.


Eventually, I connected the dots and realized that these poor dogs were suffering from an allergic reaction to some ingredient in their pet food. After trial and error, I was able to figure out what the most common allergy triggers were. 


I created P.S with one mission:


      To help dogs suffering from pet food sensitivities, Naturally. 


I hope that my story will give hope to pet parents everywhere. I cannot promise that it will cure your dog, but I can promise:


if you or your pet are not completely satisfied with any of my products, return it with 30 days of purchase for unconditional refund or exchange.


I wish you and your pet the best of luck!


With Love,


Mike and Layla 



     Mike was born a Texan, but spent practically his entire life growing up in a nice suburb of Los Angeles. He ended up going to college at UCLA and even got a Masters from USC. (He still cheers for UCLA, since he met his wife there).


     Afterwards, he spent a few years in the 'real' world of accounting and finance, got married, and even brought home a puppy named Layla (after the Eric Clapton song).  Then, the economic collapse came.  Being laid off from his job, he spent the next few months at home with his new puppy contemplating his purpose in life.


    It was during this time when Mike realized the stark reality of the pet food world. Thanks to the internet, he was shocked by the harsh reality of byproducts, fillers, and mediocre pet food being sold to unassuming pet owners. Determined to provide wholesome pet food to his local community, he opened up a boutique pet supply store. Since then, the store has thrived to be the go to place for top notch pet food and treats in the city. 


     This is where Mike learned about the existence of pet food allergies. But more importantly, this is also where he gained the insight on what triggered these allergies, and how to stop it for good. 


     When he is not in the office, Mike enjoys swimming, yoga, jogging, watching movies, and playing with his two young sons.  Even today, Layla and Mike are still inseperable. 


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